Saturday, 6 July 2013

Good Evening.

Aztec Cardigan - Alley Fashion, Striped Blouse - Cotton On, Navy Blue Midi Skirt - Cotton On

Hey everyone
So I have decided to rock this outfit, especially since it was cold this afternoon. The shades protect my eyes from the strong UV rays here in Australia. This was just a short blog post, nothing to it really.

Thanks xoxo


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Day Out & About!

Floral Top - Thrifted

hey everyone

Aesha here, So I have picked up a few items this week and yes there will be a haul soon so keep an eye out for that. So much shopping (thrifting and retail put together). There have been so much good buys and I just couldn't go past a few items, in that case I had to have. I guess now you know thrifting is a must for us and we will continue doing it!

Thanks again guys xoxo

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Another Haul

hey everyone, Yes I am back (Katrina) with another haul again. These purchases were essential for me this winter, either switch it up for a night on the town, or dress it down for a casual day out with friends. You can view the haul via our YouTube channel graceofwhite.

Necklace - ICE
Neon Belt - Valleygirl
Monochrome patterned sweater - Ally fashion
Take Care xoxo

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Winter Shades

Sunglasses - Valleygirl, Cardigan - Valleygirl, Striped Blouse - Cotton On
Hey everyone, if you don't already know its winter here in Australia and the cold weather is getting to me. I just love how you can layer so many textures during this season, for some of you who don't know Australia is known to be a very hot continent and having winter arrive at our doorstep is like having the Queen of England passing through! Not to mention, it only lasts for 4 months so I try to make the most of it. If you haven't already checkout my lookbook on our channel 'Graceofwhite', be sure like and comment if you want. I can only say I'm going to enjoy the cold as much as I can, before the sun's rays start beaming down on me again. Until my next blog.

xoxo Katrina - GraceOfWhite sisters......

New Boots!

So recently I have been really wanting to get the famous cut-out boots from Topshop, however I wasn't really wanting to spend $60 bucks for a pair of shoes plus shippings which probs would've set me back at $100 more dollars just to get the shoes. So I went shopping and there they were! Not the exact ones, but they come close. These set me back at $25 AUD! That was a bargain, I couldn't leave them on the shelf, so I had to pick them up. Although the quality of the shoes isn't great, they will do the job for the months to come. I am looking forward to saving for a good quality pair from Topshop and (yes) I have thought of the shipping and have come to the conclusion of (why not!) It will be worth the money once they arrive! So I guess I am a bargain shopper, I love the sales. Thanks for reading.....

xoxo aesha