Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Boots!

So recently I have been really wanting to get the famous cut-out boots from Topshop, however I wasn't really wanting to spend $60 bucks for a pair of shoes plus shippings which probs would've set me back at $100 more dollars just to get the shoes. So I went shopping and there they were! Not the exact ones, but they come close. These set me back at $25 AUD! That was a bargain, I couldn't leave them on the shelf, so I had to pick them up. Although the quality of the shoes isn't great, they will do the job for the months to come. I am looking forward to saving for a good quality pair from Topshop and (yes) I have thought of the shipping and have come to the conclusion of (why not!) It will be worth the money once they arrive! So I guess I am a bargain shopper, I love the sales. Thanks for reading.....

xoxo aesha